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Doorway to Total Liberation

Conversations with what Is

by Scott Kiloby

Description: Doorway to Total Liberation is an e-book by Scott.

In this book of dialogues, Scott Kiloby has developed an inquiry that leaves you surrendered in the flow of the present moment, feeling complete and whole in your experience, while still able to move, work, and create in your life fully.  Scott uses this very simple inquiry to bring people back to their direct experience (again and again), which always reveals that liberation is right here, right now. We simply overlook it.

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“As the title implies, this book leads to “total” liberation!”~DM

“It’s a quick read and packed with practical, actionable applications that work!” ~Stan

I liked the book…really powerful for people who are just becoming aware of self inquiry.  Because I did years of work with “other popular techniques”… I couldn’t help comparing as a technique—only it’s better, faster and less messy. I love how it is simple, and cuts through quickly. Brilliant!
~Louise F.