Here you can find answers to questions about the text and how Living Realization works.



Q: What is Living Realization?

A: It is a contemporary approach or method for realizing freedom, otherwise known as “nonduality.” Nonduality is the basis of the major religions. Today, teachings are being re-written in plain English, making them more accessible throughout the world. More specially, Living Realization is the realization that you are already free at the core of your experience and that all separation, both in space and time, is a belief system. The Living Realization is also called the “Middle Way,” which is explained here. The Living Realization method starts with very basic language, allowing you to discover a basic awareness present in every experience in your life. As you begin to recognize this awareness as ever-present, you naturally start to identify and cling to thought less and less. This provides freedom in your life. Living Realization is more than just dis-identifying with thought. It is a seeing through of the belief in separation. Through the Living Realization method, life is seen to be seamless experiencing itself. This provides a natural joy, peace, love, wisdom, compassion and freedom.


Q: Is a method such as Living Realization necessary? Can’t I just realize that the present moment is all there ever is and just be free?

A: Certainly, if that is your experience.

However, through the years, Scott has found that people often deceive themselves about freedom. It is easy to buy into ideas about freedom, nonduality, liberation, enlightenment, and spiritual awakening, leaning heavily on the ideas rather than the experiential freedom itself. Living Realization is a thorough method, leaving no stone unturned. In Living Realization, we come to have “no fixed conception of reality.” This provides a deep and thorough recognition of freedom. We become more effective in our lives. Our minds are more pliable. Our hearts are opened. We experience a deep and natural wisdom and compassion for others. Anything short of this is not nonduality at all. It is a belief system or a mental position.


Q:  Why charge for some of these services and products? Shouldn’t spirituality be a free service to humanity?

A. A majority of the material on all of Scott’s sites is free.

What makes Scott and the facilitators available throughout the day to provide private and group sessions (and to train new facilitators) is the ability to make  a modest living this way.  If, for example, a facilitator worked a part-time or full-time job, that person could not be as available for sessions, group work, and for training new facilitators. Scott, the facilitators and everyone else who works behind the scenes have bills to pay and mouths to feed.  There are several people working behind the scenes to bring all these services to the public and many expenses involved including expenses for website development and maintenance, newsletter costs, travel, audio and video online technologies and a host of other technologies.

*If you still have concerns about the charging of money for some of these services and products, check out a brilliant and well-reasoned article by Ken Wilber entitled Right Bucks that explains the history and cultural factors that play into the belief that money and spirituality should never mix. This articles echos our thoughts on this matter.


Q: How do I get started?

A: The text is available on this site as an e-book via instant download. You can read the text on your own.  The LR online meetings are a place where people come to support each other in the realization of freedom.


Q: How do I join meetings?

A: It’s simple! View the ONLINE SCHEDULE for details. You can also sign up for our free e-Newsletter. All meetings are announced in the bi-monthly newsletter.


Q: Is this site different than what Scott talks about at kiloby.com?

A: Yes and no!

Kiloby dot com does not have any formal teaching method. It is more of an expression of freedom, providing pointers, dialogue, videos, and audios but without a structured environment or method. Through the years, Scott noticed—through speaking to people regularly—that they often benefited greatly by receiving ongoing support. Those who benefited the most are the ones who followed up with Scott until the recognition of nonduality had stabilized. There aren’t a lot of ongoing support systems for the recognition of nonduality on the internet, although they are increasing.

Living Realization is, in a sense, a community of people that come together for mutual support.




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Author and spiritual teacher, Scott Kiloby, is traveling to different cities and conducting “Freedom from Compulsion Intensives,” based on the Compulsion Inquiry. The Compulsion Inquiry (CI) was developed by Scott and Colette Kelso using the basic tools from Scott’s book, “Natural Rest for Addiction.” Colette will also be leading the meetings and facilitations at these Intensives. Each intensive in a particular city lasts for one weekend, beginning on Friday night and ending Sunday evening.