Freedom from Compulsion Intensives



Author and spiritual teacher, Scott Kiloby, is traveling to different cities and conducting “Freedom from Compulsion Intensives,” based on the Compulsion Inquiry. The Compulsion Inquiry (CI) was developed by Scott and Colette Kelso using the basic tools from Scott’s book, “Natural Rest for Addiction.” Colette will also be leading the meetings and facilitations at these Intensives. Each intensive in a particular city lasts for one weekend, beginning on Friday night and ending Sunday evening.

Scott, Colette, and the other Living Inquiries Facilitators have introduced the CI to groups and individuals recently, and the results have been astounding, resulting in a flood of enthusiastic testimonials. These results have given birth to taking the Compulsive Inquiry on the road.

Participants have not only been able to reduce, if not completely eliminate, specific, longstanding compulsive behaviors and addictions, but have found that compulsion has fallen away generally in many other areas of their lives. For instance, someone might come to a session with a desire to give up sugar, and after a few sessions using the CI, find that he or she has very little desire to engage in a variety of other compulsive activities such as drinking, sex addiction, or even spiritual seeking. Those who use the CI lose interest in unhealthy, habitual activities and gain a passionate curiosity that comes with the discovery that life, as it is, needs no enhancement of any kind because peace and well-being are already one’s natural state.


Here is a list of things for which the CI has been found to be useful:



Alcohol and drugs


Overeating, junk food, sugar binging and other food oriented disorders


Seeking enlightenment


Relationship compulsion—desperately needing to find and/or stay in relationships


Obsessive need to fix or improve oneself or others




Obsessive Compulsive behaviors


This is a humane and radical approach to recovery. It does not involve willpower, and there is no expectation that the behavior cease immediately and completely, although that often happens. It is also not necessary in this process to remember, divulge or analyze any past behavior or activities. And the pace is entirely up to you. We give you the tools to quit and you take it from there.

Seating in these intensives is limited to 20 people per event, on a first come, first serve basis. These intensives are happening on a trial basis for a reduced cost of $295 per weekend.

Individual attention will be offered to each participant in a small group format that involves one facilitator per ten people. We ask that all those who sign up be willing, able, and committed to stay for the entire weekend.

*These are one-time only rates, seating is limited. There will be no comps or scholarships for these events. Comps and scholarships will be offered at a later, yet-to-be-determined date(s).


Download the information sheets and testimonials as a .pdf


Please note: If you are currently using intoxicants or expect to use them during the weekend intensive, you may not be eligible to participate. Contact Bart at for information on whether you are eligible given your circumstances.




Dates and Locations of Weekend Intensives

Chicago, IL. August 30 – September 1


Providence, RI. Sept. 20-22




If you are interested in a Private Addiction Session, Scott is available by phone or by Skype (sessions can be recorded upon request).