Meeting Testimonials







Who better to tell about our organization and the value the online LR meetings provide than the folks who benefit from it? Here is a small selection of feedback we’ve received from recent participants, why they attended and how it’s helped them.


It may be that from your perspective, you don’t see all of the enormous value and benefit you bring to so many.  I have partaken of countless pages of writings, videos, audios, etc. but what you have shared with the world is in a whole different league.  It’s an actual, applicable, practical, doable, experiential-changing offering. It’s been seen here.

~Stan H.


This is one of the most practical “methods” I’ve found to really waking to awareness. Thank you.

~Scott M.


I attended your Inseparability Group meeting and really enjoy your approach. Our group holds you in high regard. Many of us find your humility and approachability very refreshing.

~Vonna S.


After a lifetime of moving from one spiritual belief system to another [in Non-Duality teachings], I’ve discovered a genuine, non-dogmatic invitation to wake up from the dream of seeking and instead to live in the powerful presence of what is. Scott is one of the most down-to-earth, accessible and honest teachers I’ve met. Working with him continues to alter my experience of life profoundly.  I’m able to glimpse a quality of Being that has nothing to do with circumstances.



Hi Scott.  Just a short e-mail to let you know that I enjoyed the meeting last Sunday and [despite studying non duality for the past 35 years] you have cleared up quite a few concepts in just one setting!  Thank you kindly.




Just wanted to say thank you for giving such super talks. What you are offering is very valuable—especially for those of us who didn’t have dramatic ‘shifts’ even when hearing again and again that ‘there’s no one there’ or ‘there is only oneness’…tools to root around and ferret out stuck thought patterns and ways of viewing ‘the world.’ So thank you!



Just want to take a moment to thank you for the meetings and all that you offer. I’ve benefited greatly. Your books, web site, videos and Facebook posts also provide great support. I’ve been a Buddhist practitioner for over 30 years and find your approach most refreshing and powerful. I’m grateful for your patience in rewording and reframing your message again and again…the message is simple and direct. On a daily basis I’m often experiencing the peace and equanimity that I’ve had while on meditation retreats. Looking forward to the next series. With much gratitude and love.

~Marie S.


Basically, I want to let you know how valuable I’ve found these meetings—I love the format, it’s easy and relaxed, and you give plenty of time for dialogue and the opportunity to ask questions. So, thank you… you are a very valuable part of my process right now and I feel so supported by you. One of the things I wanted to tell you is that I love the fact that you have come out of a difficult background—I find that so encouraging. I “grew up” with Osho as my teacher for so many years and, as beautiful as he was, he had an idyllic childhood and very few “problems” to overcome… so I always thought that waking up would be impossible for me! But knowing you and Eckhart Tolle and the difficulties you’ve both encountered in different ways I find this so inspiring.                           



I just want to thank you for your generosity in teaching this class, and also the emails you sent in-between—the meetings were great especially. I wanted to take advantage of your offer to respond to our email comments/questions during the meeting series—but never found any questions really—it all seems very clear. I have really appreciated all the information and the Kilologues on your website also -and the Living Realization e-book. Thanks again!



Thank you so much. Your teachings have spoken to me more clearly than any other teachers’. The systematic techniques you explain have been more effective than anything I’ve previously been exposed to (while chipping away at my natural tendency to identify with every thought, feeling and sensation). I so greatly appreciate that you shower us with videos and writings as they act as continuous reminders for the job at hand. Also that you have divided up groups to address people according to the level at which they are at is logical, effective, basically unheard of to me in my experience of ‘spiritual’ teachings. I hope you continue with the video’s, writings and online conferences. In gratitude.

~George M.


Thank you for this powerful message you are giving to our planet. I am so looking forward to our time together in July. With love,

~Susan M.


I want to tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing. The meetings and the ongoing support and guidance are a gift, and the emails seem to give me just what I need at the time. I have printed the last one about emotions and made multiple copies to keep in different places to remind me to rest in awareness and let the energy move as it will. I am very familiar with the concepts of non duality and have read dozens of books about them. But until I read your books that’s all it was—concepts. Your approach has given me clear steps to actually experience awareness whenever I check in. Thanks again. Love,

~Dr. Devika


I wanted to share my thoughts about the meetings. I’ve read a lot of books (hundreds) and am fairly familiar with the teaching. Your method seems very direct and experiential in nature, so it’s well suited to where I’m at right now. I am attracted to you and your teaching because the friend/coach relationship model resonates with me. You have made yourself accessible to us and seem to genuinely want, and like to support us in our efforts. I have had the opportunity to meet and dialogue with other excellent teachers, but it has seemed to have limited effect because I can ask a couple questions during the course of the retreat, and then I’m back on my own again. They are helpful and I’m thankful for that, but I do feel like I want to have more regular exposure to someone that could help me as I go. Thanks,

~Jim H.


I just wanted to tell you that since our last meeting, there’s this sense of ease that has been quite pervasive and obvious the last couple of days. It feels like something very heavy has been lifted from my shoulders. This ‘wanting’ for so long, feels like its been given a break and life is just being lived. I can’t say that some profound shift has happened, but it just feels very ‘relaxed’ in this area of this life. That is amazing to me. Thanks again! Love,



I feel honored to have been a part of the Living Realization meeting group. I have read and listened to so much Zen, Advaita, etc. Your message is such a refreshing breath of air. I am starting to see this beginning stage as a skill to be learned and as a job to show up for. I really appreciate you’re helping me recognize how thoughts and labels have kept me imprisoned. I am definitely interested in you’re new Freedom inquiry. Thanks so very much!

~Don C.


I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences and let you know how much I am enjoying the group meetings (and reading everything you’ve written). There is a sense of well-being for me which still comes and goes, but it is there. I appreciate your clarity, comprehensiveness, compassion, and practicality—a wonderful combination! Thank you,

~Linda S.