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  • Check out the new website/portal. It contains a simplified GUI (Graphical User Interface) with links to all my offerings online.


  • I was a recent guest on the Transformation Talk Radio Show. TTR is setting the standard for a new and fresh kind of Talk Radio, creating conversations that are transforming the world, one listener at a time.The Transformation Network—your broadcast community for positive change.

Interview Audio Listen or download.


    • We are happy to announce that the LIVING REALIZATION and LIVING RELATIONSHIP e-books are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble (in Kindle and .epub format). We’ve received many requests for these items. Thank you for your support and interest. New customers: When you purchase this item (as a .pdf) direct from us, you are eligible to receive the Kindle (or .epub) version for free. Contact: for your e-book. Please specify the desired file type.


    • Special Summer Book Promo: Get the Doorway to Total Liberation Kindle Edition for only $2.99 on Amazon. Already own the book? Consider the “Give As Gift” option for friends or loved ones.


    • Scott is traveling to different cities this year conducting “Freedom from Compulsion Intensives,” based on the Compulsion Inquiry. The Compulsion Inquiry (CI) was developed by Scott and Colette Kelso using the basic tools from Scott’s book, “Natural Rest for Addiction.” Colette will also be leading the meetings and facilitations at these Intensives.


    • Both the Living Realization and Living Relationship books will be available in paperback form sometime in 2013.


    • New 2013 events scheduled. Visit the LIVE EVENTS page for updated info.




    Special thanks to all who attended the meetings in Durham!



    Special thanks to all who attended the meetings in Vermont.





    Special thanks to all who attended the meetings in Providence, RI.






    Special thanks to all who attended the meetings in Boulder, Colorado







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