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  • There are three main meeting groups. There will be four separate meetings within each respective group. This is a series.
  • The meetings are capped at 25 people per group, which ensures ample individual participation and also so Scott can focus on getting to know the attendees and meeting them where they are.
  • All are welcome. For those who are unable to pay the entire cost, a need-based sponsorship [full or partial] may be available for you. Please get in touch with us for details. It is the goal of our organization to help as many people as possible, regardless of your particular financial situation
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The Awareness Group


Awareness Meeting 1 (Introduction to Awareness)

This meeting will involve very basic pointers to awareness, allowing for an experiential seeing. We will talk about:

  • The practice of recognizing awareness throughout the day, no matter where you are or what you are doing.
  • We will discuss the various situations, thoughts, feelings, and other things that seem to obscure the recognition of awareness.
  • How to see through that sense of obscuration.



Awareness Meeting 2 (Introduction to Awareness)

This meeting will discuss the various exercises in Chapter One: Recognizing Awareness. This meeting will focus on:

  • Getting out of the intellectual discussion of awareness and getting into the actual experience of it.
  • This will also be a continuation of the first meeting, where people can follow up with questions and dialogue with Scott about what seems to obscure the capacity to recognize awareness (such as jobs, relationships, children, life).



Awareness Meeting 3 (Appearances generally)

This meeting focuses on Chapter Two: Appearances. In this meeting, we are working towards:

  • Experiencing appearances such as thoughts, emotions, sensations, states, and experiences as movements within awareness.
  • We will discuss what it means to “allow all appearances to be as they are.”
  • This is a meeting that acts as an important primer for subsequent meetings where we look more deeply into thoughts, emotions, sensations, states, and experiences.



Awareness Meeting 4 (Awareness and appearances)

In this meeting, the focus is on:

  • Allowing all (appearances) thoughts, emotions, sensations, states, and experiences to be as they are. This reveals the free-flowing nature of our experience and the inherent freedom in recognizing awareness as the space in which all appearances come and go.
  • How all these appearances are temporary and how they each arise spontaneously.
  • How objects that appear in our “external experience” arise inseparably with the “internal experience” of thoughts, emotions, and sensations.





The Inseparability Group Meetings

Inseparability Meeting 1 (Inseparability of appearances)

This meeting will focus on:

  • Seeing appearances such as thoughts, emotions, sensations, states, and experiences as inseparable from awareness itself.
  • Bridging the imaginary gap between witnessing awareness and the world, as it appears to awareness.
  • The focus of this meeting is the deep relaxation into the experience of life as inseparable in every way.  We come to see no dividing lines anywhere, between awareness and what appears, or between anything else in experience.


Inseparability Meeting 2 (Oscillation)

This meeting will deal exclusively with:

  • Chapter 8: Oscillation.
  • The common movement “back and forth” between moments of recognizing peaceful, non-conceptual awareness and moments of being overtaken by a sense of separation or personal seeking, suffering, or conflict.
  • The focus of this meeting is the equality of all appearances.


Inseparability Meeting 3 (The Unfindable Inquiry)

In this meeting, Scott will show the participants how to use the Unfindable Inquiry.

  • Scott has found tremendous success in one-on-one sessions using these inquiries. These are powerful ways of looking into the belief in separate objects. In these inquiries, the participant picks the object that he or she wants to inquiry into. It could be any object, including: the self, others, work, addiction, disease, death, or any other object. In the inquiry, Scott invites the inquirer to find the actual, separate object. In not finding the object, and finding only thoughts, emotions, and sensations arising inseparably to awareness, the non-dual nature of reality is revealed.



Inseparability Meeting 4 (The Unfindable Inquiry)

We will continue doing the Unfindable Inquiry.

  • The point of the Unfindable Inquiry is to learn how to use the tool and apply it in your own life. It usually takes a couple of sessions or meetings with Scott to learn how to use this tool effectively.  In this last meeting, we go deep into the most stubborn aspects of the belief in separation, including the notion of separate others in relationship and body identification.  We also bring in the Boomerang Inquiry, which is a way to spot how the sense of a core deficient self pops up in relationship, and then to see through it.  This automatically harmonizes relationships.







The Middle Way Group

Middle Way Meeting 1 (Intro to the Middle Way)

*We encourage you to participate in the Awareness and Inseparability group meetings before coming to the Middle Way topic. It is recommended [but not required] that you already have a stabilized recognition of awareness before entering this topic.


In this Middle Way meeting:
  • We will discuss what the Middle Way is. The Middle Way is the seeing through of the belief in separation entirely, while still honoring and speaking of conventional existence. This provides a balance in our lives, or “freedom from dualistic extremes,” so that we avoid nihilism and fundamentalism.
  • In these meetings, we shine a light on any extreme views, revealing that the Middle Way is more balanced and provides an experiential equanimity and stability in our lives.





Middle Way Meeting 2 (Now What?)

This meeting will be a continuation of the Middle Way talk.

  • It will address the question, “Now what?” This question pops up for some people on the spiritual path. Some experience a period in which personal motivation drops away. All the old motivations and passions seem to die out for some people. The old seeking voice remains and says, “Now what do I do?”
  • This meeting also reveals how that voice is the last remnant of the self center that is still looking to control outcomes. As that voice quiets, the next thing unfolds, and that unfolding and total allowing becomes our natural way of being. This opens the door to new possibilities and creativity. We are living from love, not fear, at this point. We are no longer controlling the show. We are being lived, yet we are active participants in every way. This meeting is a reassurance for those going through this period or coming out of it.
Middle Way Meeting 3 (More on the Middle Way)

This meeting will be about:
  • Freedom from dualistic extremes (nothing v. everything, self v. no self, Oneness v. the many, choice v. no choice, being v. becoming, awareness v. the world).
  • When “the world is none other than awareness” goes from being a fancy idea to a lived realization.
  • What are the signs of identifying so much with awareness that we have denied relative existence and the diversity of appearances?
  • What does it mean to be awake and realized? Do we need these terms?
  • The concept trap: is everything just a concept or are there really things?
  • Avoiding the Advaita traps. What is ‘no self’ compared to conventional self? Avoiding nihilistic views. Compassion means to “suffer with.”
  • Shedding false ideas about “enlightened perfect people” (an invitation to shadow work).




Middle Way Meeting 4 (Back in the world that never left—it’s just different)

This meeting will be a continuation of the topics discussed in the earlier Middle Way meeting.
We will talk of:
  • The Zen approach of “returning to the marketplace” (life without seeking)
  • How realization is not inconsistent with being involved in very worldly things such as helping others, having preferences, liking some people and not liking other people, working, relationships, community activism, etc.
  • Introduction to the Boomerang Inquiry on relationships (a version of the Unfindable Inquiry). (How can there be no self and no other and, at the same time, apparent relationships?)
  • This is where the “rubber meets the road” in awakening. Will you leave your awakening as a “tuned out” detachment or will you really see and realize that the world is inseparable from awareness. This inseparability shows you that you are not of the world but are still in it. Everything is relationship.







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