Relationship Testimonials


I have seen these inquiries work wonders on people with very diverse circumstances, except that they all came with some kind of suffering. There was a shift, you could SEE it, in all of them.

~Colette K.


Thank you so much for helping me through these inquiries.  I’m so excited to continue practicing this simple, effective method because I’ve been believing a lot of stories that are simply false, and now I can prove to myself that Love is my true nature.

~Kat P.


I had struggled for years with what seemingly grew into a volcano of anger towards a family member.  No amount of resting as awareness or seeing the perfection in everything would make this go away, especially not denial of the experience.   Through the practical application (with Scott’s loving guidance) of the Boomerang Inquiry, I was able to see that the attributes in the ‘other’ were really a perfect mirror that reflected a deficient self, enmeshed in stories of inadquacy, lack, fear and judgement etc.  Scott pointed me to the direct seeing that no such “deficient self” could be found.  Nothing there…but the recognition of awareness, perfectly whole, in need of nothing.

~Stan H.


As a long-time seeker who has believed in the non-dual teaching of no separate self  (yet still experiencing a separate self). I have found the inquiries to be the missing key; like a laser that focuses precisely on the experience of the separate self to reveal that it is in fact not findable as an actual, objective, entity. It does not exist in the way we have assumed it exists. For years I have heard, “Look for the separate self and see if it exists.” Well, I didn’t know how to look until now!

~Beth B.


I have done these inquiries for the last few months and have gained amazing benefits in my life.  I have used it in various areas of my life such as: food obsession, weight control, work-related stress issues, and sexuality and relationship.  These inquiries are an amazing way to see through the story naturally and realize that inner peace is always with me.   I am now making it a daily practice of my life helping me to relax on issues which have been very sticky for a long part of my life.  I intend to keep on practicing this great technique so that I can share it with my loved ones.

~Carmelo L.


Before my private session with you, I had been feeling really ‘stuck’.  With your Panorama Inquiry, it was so easy to see past the roadblocks.  I felt so incredibly light, and still feeling great days afterwards.  To make this leap in only one session is amazing.  I am so glad I quit struggling on my own, and did the private session.  Thank you, Scott!



The Boomerang Inquiry you have talked about (along with illustrative case study) is simply superb!

~Ramesam Vijaya


“In the Boomerang Inquiry, it is possible to move through intense emotions really quickly.  I went from deep sadness to overwhelming panic in about four minutes.  Also, the inquiries are like drilling a hole through layers of sedimentary rock – through whatever has been deposited over the years (beliefs, emotions, sensations, stories, identities and so on). Love it!”