LR Testimonials


I really believe that Living Realization is all that one needs to become self-realized. I continue to reread various sections of LR and each time my understanding is deepened. It is amazing how much you have put into a relatively small number of pages. Your writing is concise and covers the subject fully and clearly. You express everything in plain English without ambiguity. The book is truly a masterpiece.  ~Gerry Graziani


Although I am experiencing some back and forth of awareness at the moment, I cannot thank you enough for your work.  Working with the facilitators have been the only thing that has led to a direct experience of awareness. Much gratitude  ~Joanna


I am finding the Living Relationship book outstanding in its clarity. And wanted to pass along how powerful this work is. Thank you Scott! ~Janice


I recently purchased the Living Realization & Doorway to Liberation e-books. Oh my goodness…fantastic! I cannot tell you how helpful they are to me. Thank you so much for all that you’re contributing to humanity. I’m so glad I found you and your message and look forward to living life in a new way now – the compulsive seeking and striving for enlightenment, is gone.  ~Yvonne

There are many excellent non-dual books available (including some by Scott Kiloby), which will have you nodding your head while you read them and, to some extent, “getting it” as insights pour in. But once the book is put down, and you go back to your regular life, all of those insights you gleaned while reading seem to vanish.

Living Realization is truly different: it is as much of a “how-to” manual as is possible with this kind of material. Despite the limitation of words, the paradox of duality, and the futility of trying to explain “how” to realize no-self, the approach of LR succeeds more than any other book I’ve encountered (including Scott’s other books). Finally a clear writing which guides the reader to let go of and see through the reader…step-by-step.  ~Scott M.


Our group finished the [Living Realization] book today. That last chapter is a very clear summation—quite powerful actually…thank you for your willingness to be the vehicle for this clarity on awareness and inseparability.  You are one of the few that is able to see this and explain it.  The middle way is so freeing.  ~Beth


Your book was quite refreshing to read for the pleasure of reading as opposed to looking for answers. I found the words and space in between very refreshing, poetic, and heartfelt.  Truth, love and humility radiated throughout, I just wanted to share that with you.  ~Sharie


I just wanted to extend my support [for the Living Realization book].  I am finding it so helpful that I am printing it out and binding it so I can hi-light and underline passages.  ~Chris


I am reading your Living Realization text and I am getting some amazing insights. I think all the years of inquiry and watching thoughts have made it very easy for me to see what you are pointing at, my mind seems to be a lot more quiet in the last year or so. Your words are hitting the target every-time, I am feeling amazing resonance and space like qualities as I read. Thanks very much for a book that has the balls to point directly, instead of playing mind-games. ~Lloyd

I find Scott to be one of the most interesting contemporary spiritual teachers around. The way in which he is able to dynamically morph into various roles and “teaching-modes” nowadays [depending on contextual requirements] is both rare and praiseworthy!  ~Dawid


When I read your book—Living Realization,  I could not skip over any part of that book. I mean, I would’ve liked too. It is so packed full of wonderful stuff. I’ve read fifteen books in the last fifteen weeks and there was nothing in there that I didn’t think was useful. It was one of the most enlightening books I’ve ever read…really. I think it’s a masterpiece! ~Trip (Host)

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I just read the Unfindable Inquiry post on Non-Duality America and feel very grateful at the on-going simplicity and natural clarity of what’s being expressed here. I understand this sense of oscillation and I see the value in the unfindable inquiry for what it reveals, as I have experienced oscillation for years and have always differentiated between the two states. I’m grateful that it’s even being described—or distinguished—and pointed to. Thank you so much for your help. I am grateful.  ~Carin


I have been meditating and reading books on non-duality and Eastern philosophy for many years. The writing of Scott Kiloby is the most direct, articulate and carefully worded expression of liberation from suffering that I have encountered.     ~Don

Just started reading…And I’ve already underlined nearly every paragraph. Your pointers are wonderfully expressed! Thank you.  ~Thassa


I often check in with the Conscious TV non-duality section and recently came across your interview and since have been watching You Tube videos and reading your downloaded book. I just wanted to say here how much I appreciate your clarity and openness…It is so wonderful how consciousness seems to be evolving and revealing itself to more and more humans who can share and support “it” with other normal people…I think you may be the first of the non-dual pointers that actively reaches out to other teachers in this way.  ~Harvey

Without exception I can count on your articulations to bring me back to the direct experience of Awareness…right now! They are among the clearest & cleanest I’ve known. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  ~Stefano


I have purchased the book which I’m thoroughly enjoying. I am glad I found your website and blog, the simple yet profound message has been beneficial. Over the last month or so, I have been having “mini realizations” that thoughts were thoughts, emotions were emotions and my story is conjured. The mind is truly a great trickster, but as an aging master illusionist, mine is slowly losing its touch, as I use your pointers I find myself resting in awareness throughout the day his (mind) tricks are getting tired and boring. My days are still full of the same stuff, work, family, exercise etc. However, the realization that I do not have to do anything but be here [and I will never be anywhere else] is liberating.  ~Mark


The teachings that have been coming through you since the Awakening have been very helpful, and I thank you for being one of the teachers who points so beautifully to the Truth.  ~N

Thanks, just read it…very interesting. From reading, I really get the feeling there is no firm ground to stand on (i.e. conceptual belief to hold on to—including that very comment that there’s no conceptual belief to hold on to). It really feels beyond words and yet obviously words are okay too. So effortless and easy it’s almost mind-boggling at moments and it’s like the mind wants it to be so hard, yet another belief. Ha, this is kinda’ hilarious. OK sorry started to ramble and I think perhaps processing at the same time. Thanks. And I’ll keep in touch.  ~Kevin

I teach/share in London the three principles of mind, consciousness and thought (originated from Sydney Banks). While I have been exposed to many wonderful spiritual teachers, today I found you on my computer. What a lovely surprise. Thank you. It has been beautiful listening to you. Very clear, very soft, very grounded and very sweet. ~Terry

I just wanted to thank you for your efforts on my behalf. I may be “getting it”—many thanks to you.  ~Andrea

I’m not sure what I want to say exactly, apart from THANK YOU! You’ve really done it for me. I discovered the non-dual view a few years ago and it was like an explosion within followed by such inexplicable peace.The end of the search. But I’d been noticing the phenomena that you speak of—the marvelous becomes a ‘thing’ and here we go again! Thank you for putting it so beautifully, so succinctly, so much in a perfectly balanced nutshell! I am delighted to have discovered your website and am excited at the prospect of reading and listening and watching and being totally inspired and joyful with it all. With great respect and warm regards.  ~Jane

I have just come from visiting the inspired destiny that is your home on the web. Your pages are an authentic affirmation of your many gifts. When one shares their talents they educate the spirit. I honor and respect who you are and what you have accomplished. Thank you for giving yourself into the world. By expressing your essential being you engage the spirit and grow into your soul. I wish you a life of love where you find joy in every breath. ~Michael



I often check in with the conscious tv non-dualty section and recently came
across your interview and since have been watching youtube videos and
reading your downloaded book. 

I just wanted to say here how much I appreciate your clarity and openness…
It is so wonderful how consciousness seems to be evolving and revealing
itself to more and more humans who can share and support “it” with other
normal people ….I think you may be the first of the non-dual
pointers that actively reaches out to other teachers in this way.