Why LR?

Why We Come to Living Realization


The Living Realization Sharing

We know when we are ready for a message like Living Realization. We feel it to the very core of our being. We get pulled towards a message like Living Realization because of an unmistakable knowing that there is something deeper in our present experience, something more to life than what we see.

Before coming to Living Realization, we searched for life’s answers everywhere. We thought the answers lied in the future. And so we sought it there. Perhaps we personally suffered with self-loathing, doubt, depression, anxiety, addiction, over-thinking or some other emotional or psychological issue. Maybe we have always felt uncomfortable in our own skin. Maybe we have experienced conflict with others or painful regret and guilt in relationships. Perhaps we looked in relationships, jobs, material success, self-help programs, drugs, alcohol, meditation, prayer, belief systems or somewhere else for relief of some kind. For some of us, life has been fine. No real breakdowns. No intense hardships. We may have even experienced some degree of contentment or even moments of real freedom. Yet even those of us who have had pretty good lives often carry a subtle, ongoing, and gnawing sense that an important piece of life’s puzzle seems somehow just out of reach.



We come to Living Realization because its words resonate with us on a level deeper than the mind, a peace within us that we know is present, but that seems somehow buried under the noise of life, personal drama, and the constant seeking towards future. When we come to Living Realization, we are ready to begin looking into our present experience in a deep and specific way. We are ready to see why it is that we suffer, why we seek, and why human life contains so much conflict. Are you ready to move beyond these self-centered patterns?



The Living Realization method is nothing short of a love affair with life. It is like falling in love with experiencing itself, seeing that our present experience is perfect just as it is, no matter where we are or what is happening. This does not mean that we escape pain or challenging situations, like illness, or death. It does not mean that we will accomplish amazing feats of superhuman strength. To see perfection in every experience is to realize that our fundamental nature is experience itself. When we come to realize that presence is what we are, we fall in love over and over again with life, in each moment. We see that everything that happens—the good and the bad—is equally drenched in this love. Living Realization is freedom right in the midst of every single happening in our lives.

In our search for contentment, we may have come across religions, philosophies, self-improvement programs, self-help books, or spiritual teachings that contained really beautiful language that swept us off of our feet, promising that somewhere down the road, after many years of work, we might discover the contentment we are seeking. We may have involved ourselves diligently and earnestly in these programs because of the claims and promises of manifesting fabulous worldly material goods or other-worldly spiritual planes.

But the treasure here in Living Realization is something quite different. It is not a promise of future fulfillment, although it may first appear that way. Living Realization is not a key to future happiness. It is not an elaborate system by which we come to rearrange our thoughts or revise our personal stories, all for a better tomorrow. It is in invitation to put those kinds of things aside long enough to look more deeply into our present experience and realize that the wholeness and healing that we seek is already here. We have just been overlooking it. This is where the treasure of human freedom, love, peace, compassion, and wisdom lies—deep within the experience we are already having. The key is to recognize this treasure instead of looking for it in all the wrong places including in the past or future or in claims made by religions and spiritual teachings that are big on promises but small on actually revealing the treasure that is being promised.


In Closing

The Living Realization method is about more than just learning a new language or employing a new method. Although Living Realization is a language and method, it is actually a vehicle designed to reveal present freedom. This is about a realization that is lived, not just entertained intellectually. If language alone were enough, one could walk to the local bookstore, pick up any well-written book on human freedom, and magically experience that freedom. It does not work that way for most people. Teachings, religions, courses, methods, paths, and practices are merely tools. The treasure of human liberation is ours to discover. It is already contained within what we are. We can only use the Living Realization method and other teachings as an invitation to look into our own, direct experience. If a teaching is not designed to redirect us back to our own experience, it is a distraction. In those cases, the path or method itself becomes the centerpiece rather than our own, direct experience.


Living Realization is a direct discovery within your own life, right here, right now!